Login to your Ongage account and click List  → Automation Rules → New Automation Rule.

Enter a Rule Name. This can be anything and is only a unique identifier for you.

Enter the Rule Settings:

Rule Trigger: Contact created or edited

Trigger Source: API call

Rule Frequency: Always (aka Ongoing)

Set the Rule Criteria:

From List Fields, select the custom field created for InboxGeek.

The Criteria should be as follows:


NOTE: this Custom InboxGeek field is the same one used during your integration (see below)

From the drop-downs, select:

Changed to


Enter your Custom InboxGeek Field value and click Add.

NOTE: This value will be the same as the value entered during your integration creation (see image below).

**If you cannot remember what was selected during your integration, return to your InboxGeek portal > click the Integration tab > refer to the column Tag.

Create the Rule Actions settings:

Click Add Action.

Action Type: Transactional

Action Name: [Choose your name]


Create the remainder of the settings for your email then click SAVE AND ACTIVATE.