Create a name for this integration in the Name field.

InboxGeek will load all existing tags from EmailOctopus into the Tag drop-down menu.

The tag that you use in this step will be the tag that is added to the contact once InboxGeek has sent the event to EmailOctopus.

Either select a tag from the drop-down or create a new one by typing directly into the field and then click Create tag (this will create the tag in EmailOctopus, too).

If a tag was created successfully, a window will appear with confirmation.

Select the customization for this integration:

  •   Limit per day →  This feature is for your daily event limit. InboxGeek recommends to set this at 200 events per day to start. If you do not set a limit, we will notify your provider for every login of ALL subscribers from your list.

Once features have been enabled and completed, click NextA window will appear to confirm the integration was a success.

Return to the EmailOctopus dashboard and create a new automation.

NOTE:  InboxGeek will begin sending events after midnight even if an automation is not created in your EmailOctopus account. If you are not ready to create your automation, turn off this integration immediately. To learn how, visit the Your InboxGeek Portal guide > Turning off your integration.