The InboxGeek A/B Test

The InboxGeek A/B Test


The InboxGeek A/B Test is our proven process for confirming InboxGeek is right for you. It’s quite easy too, and the numbers will clearly tell if InboxGeek can be a new revenue channel for your business.

To prove out the concept of InboxGeek with a trial account, follow this 8-step process.

  1. Select the list you plan to use for InboxGeek, plus the content you’ll be running for the test.
  2. Break your list into two new, separate lists; the 1st containing 6000 subscribers, and the 2nd containing the remainder of the subscribers. (Need help?)
  3. Create two tags: ‘InboxGeek1’ & ‘InboxGeek2’.
  4. Create an automation that has two triggers; the first trigger will be ‘when tag ’InboxGeek1’ is added to contact’, the second trigger will be ‘when tag ‘InboxGeek2’ is added to contact’.
  5. The first action in your automation will be to send an email. This is where you will use your chosen content (or you could use one of our proven email swipes). Turn this automation active.
  6. Create your InboxGeek integration in your portal by following this guide; be sure to use the tag ‘InboxGeek2’ during the integration setup.
  7. Apply the tag ‘InboxGeek1’ to the 1st list containing 6000 subscribers. Keep in mind that your content will immediately go live when you apply the tag, so be sure you are applying the tags at the preferred time.
  8. Your InboxGeek integration will stop at 6000 events (equivalent to 6000 subscribers receiving the email content) and the trial will end. Compare performance data between the two lists.

Did the group of subscribers tagged InboxGeek2 have better open rates, click rates or revenue than the group tagged InboxGeek1? If so, then congrats! InboxGeek just might be a great fit for your business.

Reach out to your dedicated InboxGeek account manager if you have any questions about setting up the InboxGeek A/B Test, or if you need help calculating the results to see if InboxGeek will be a good fit for your company.

**This strategy works best with content that is not time sensitive as the list integrated with InboxGeek will be sent the content in real time, meaning they may not be online in the first day or two that the content needs to be read.



How to Create a List of 6000 Subscribers

Some platforms, such as Maropost, make it easy to select an exact amount of subscribers to add to a new list or segment. If your platform does not offer this feature, the easiest way to create 6,000 subscribers is as follows:

1. Export your entire list that will be used for the InboxGeek split test.

2. Within the downloaded CSV file, randomly select 6,000 subscribers and place them into a new CSV file.

3. Upload this CSV into a new list identified specifically for this split test.