Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How many of my subscribers can you target with InboxGeek?

We can track 30-60% of your email data (US only), this varies based on a lot of factors involving the algorithm of the users. 

If a contact appears in more than one of my lists, will this count as 1 event, or multiple events based on how many integrations the contact is in?

Events will be counted each time a contact appears in different lists/integrations.

What about Apple/IOS MPP?

InboxGeek has the capability of filtering out these users. The user agent allows us to know if MPP is enabled as it is embedded in the email code. Most clients do not see an overinflated open rate and choose to keep tracking IOS users, the value is there regardless because it shows that someone has an active email even if they are false opens. 

Does the time limit feature use my time zone?

The time limit feature defaults to EST. This is InboxGeek’s business hours time zone.

Why don't my ESP and InboxGeek reports match?

Many factors can cause this, including duplicate contacts, list hygiene, and ESP deliverability requirements. InboxGeek can check this on our back end to ensure the events were sent. We are also happy to contact your ESP representative on your behalf to decipher the discrepancy. 

My open rate is great, how can I get my click rate higher?

Provide content that offers the user a reason to click..ex; offering free gifts +free shipping, guides, e-books, etc. Requesting that they “reply” to get the free gifts sometimes works, some split testing can be useful here.

My events started trending down, why?

Most likely this is due to list saturation – this indicates that events have been sent to 37% or more of the contacts in your list. If the remaining contacts do not happen to be active in their inbox everyday, you will start to see the events slow and it is probably a good time to recreate a new integration. Your account manager can offer strategic guidance for this.

What should my initial daily sending limit be?

InboxGeek’s recommended strategy is always to begin with a slow scale ex; 200 events/day on cold/unengaged subscribers who have not opened in 30, 60, 90 days or up to 1000+ events/day if you have a higher daily sending volume and a reputable domain. As long as your open rate is 17% or higher, and your spam/complaint rate is below 0.5%, go ahead and increase the daily limit once per week by double the current amount or more.

How many events do I need monthly?

Ask your Account Manager if they can help you determine how many events you will need for scaling regularly or simply decide a set daily limit and multiply that by 30 days.

How often do my lists refresh?

 InboxGeek auto-refreshes once per day at around midnight+1 EST. You can manually refresh your list under the LiveOpens tab>Lists>Actions>click Refresh contacts.

Where did my "Actions" bar go?

You can customize how you see your data in all tables within your InboxGeek portal. This includes the ‘Actions’ bar that allows you to make changes to your integrations and sources.

To include the ‘Actions’ bar in your viewable columns, click the Filter button above your table on any page, click the drop-down menu ‘Displayed Columns’, and then select ‘Actions’. All customizations are saved immediately and used in future logins.